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Brief introduction of the products

YS series(IP54) small power three-phase asynchronous motor has an important position in the industry, agriculture where motor machine is necessary. This series motor has small physical volume, light weight and beautiful appearance. It is made according to JB/T(009-200)<YS series three-phase asynchronous motor’s technical conditions>. Our factory produce YS50 and YS56 two frames, motors have 2&4 electrodes totally 8 specifications.


YS series (IP54) three-phase asynchronous motor’s application conditions

1).Ambient temperature:-15℃≤θ≤40℃

2).Relative humidity: Not higher than 90%

3).Elevation: Be lower than 1000 meters

4).Frequency: 50HZ

5).Rated voltage: 220/380v

6).Operating mode: S1

7).Cooling method: IC0141


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