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  • Time: 2015-05-22
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Principle and usage:

YD series (IP54) electrode varied and multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor is derived from Y2 series (IP54) three-phase asynchronous motor. It makes use of changing stator winding connection method to change electrode number than gets the dual or more speed by using single or dual windings.

At present, we produce 96% specifications. Frame number range from 80 to 280, totally 11 numbers.

The YD series (IP54) installation size, outline size, insulation degree, safety degree, cooling mode, structure, installation mode, application conditions, rated voltage and frequency are the carne as Y2 series.

YD series (IP54) electrode varied and multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor can change the rev with loading request, so it can efficiently distribute the power and simplify the shift device. This series motors adapt to every kind of drive machine that need multi-speed, such as machine tool cutting, mining & metallurgy machinery, spinning machinery, priming and dyeing machinery, chemical machinery, agricultural machinery. This series motor should be made according to the JB/T7127-1993.

<The technical conditions for YD series electrode-varies and multi-speed three phase asynchronous motor>.We can also produce various kinds of specification electromagnetic brake multi-speed three-phase asynchronous mot4rs.









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