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Brief introduction and application range

Y2EJ series (IP54) electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor is derived from Y2 series (IP54) three-phase asynchronous motor. The frame number is frame 63 to 250, totally 12 frame numbers. The power range from 0.12 to 45KW . Electrode number has totally 68 specifications.  This series motor's power grade, installation dimesion , insulation grade, work mode, cooling mode and application condition are the same as Y2 series. The performing standards is JB/T8680-2008 <The  technical  conditions of Y2  series(IP54)  three-phase asynchronous motors> .This series motor is according to Q/HD J01-2008 <the technical conditions of Y2EJ series(IP44) electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor>.

Electromagnetic brake rated Voltage :only frame size 71-100 are DC99V,112-200 are DC170V.

Y2EJ series motor mainly apply to stop quickly, locate to a nicely, reciprocating, frequently start, anti-sliding, such as lift machinery, transport machingery, color packing machinery, pringting machinery, foodstuff machinery, construction machinery, carpenter machinery, reduing machinery, metallurgy machinery, forging machinery etc.



Y2EJ series (IP54) electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor’s feature and operation principle

The stator and rotor of Y2EJ series(IP54) electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor are general use of Y2 series, the attached electromagnetic iron can be excited by direct current. While connect the three phase power source, the electromagnetic iron can get energy and occur the magnetic attraction to attract the armature so as to separate the friction surface of disk brake from the static frictionsub-phase and then rotate under the action of magnetic torque, when cut off the electricity, the magnetic iron will also out of power and the attraction of magnet will also Ioss, then under the pressure of brake spring, the armature will contact the disk brake and occur the friction torque and in the final stop the motor. To change the stator position after the stop of motor. We can realize the motor stop by releasing device, the proved ure is to rotate release screw. Two special sliding blocks and make the mutual displacement so as to separate the disk brake from the static friction sub-phase.


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