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  • Time: 2015-05-22
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YVF2 series (IP54) frequency variable speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor

YVF2 series(IP54) frequency-variable speed-regulation three-phase asynchronous motor is the latest unify design in our country, which is derived from Y2 series (IP54). It not only looks beautiful and dignified, but also has low noise and weak vibration. It has wide scope regulate and it is so steady that has no class. This motor has independent and well ventilated cooling system, and can run at low speed over a long time. It is matched with all transducer, have the fast dynamic responding with vector control, no torque wave at low speed and no resonance. This series motor frame number is from 80 to 315, total 12 frame numbers and 23 specifications.

At present, our factory produce motor at the frame number from 80 to 280, totally 11 frame numbers and 19 specifications. This series motor is made according to the JB/T7918-2014 <The technical conditions for YVF2 series (IP54) frequency-variable speed-regulation three-phase asynchronous motors .We can also produce YVF2EJ series frequency-variable speed-regulation electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor.


YVF2 series (IP54) three-phase asynchronous motor’s application conditions:

1).Elevation: Be lower than 1000 meters.

2).Ambient temperature: -15℃≤θ≤40℃

3).Relative humidity: Not higher than 9%

4).Operating mode: S1

5).Insulation degree: F

6).Rated voltage: 380V

7).Frequency: 50HZ

8).Cooling method: IC416


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